An organization is only as good as its people. At Phoenix, we believe the best investment we can make for our customers is an investment in our workforce. We ensure that our employees are knowledgeable and skilled in the latest technology and safety protocols in industry. The Phoenix team is trained to carry out each job effectively and safely.

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Unmatched Reliability

Quality is in our DNA. We take the time necessary to hire and train the best in the industry. The result? Our clients receive the highest quality, most dependable network possible. We require all of our field personnel to be trained and certified in the following areas:

Education and knowledge require continuous pursuit and dedication. We also hold weekly safety briefs and monthly safety meetings for our entire staff. Our goal is to maintain and augment a culture dedicated to safety awareness and proactive safety management.

Our safety policy is more than a Standard Operating Procedure. It’s an entire mindset and ideology that we subscribe to.

Offering a Dedicated Training Facility

Phoenix Communications understands the essential value of hands-on training. Hands-on training ensures that our employees maintain the highest standards of safety during the performance of their work. That’s why we’ve made a significant investment in an on-site training facility.

Equipped with a manhole and poles, this facility simulates live bucket truck rescue and confined entry training. We also have OSHA accredited trainers as members of our staff, and have long, established relationships with training vendors and professionals.

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"Everybody at Phoenix up and down the chain of command has your back. It is like one big family. The culture is about getting the job done. This is the best place I’ve ever worked."

Alex, Splice Tech
Phoenix Team member since 2018.

"People are willing to jump in and help right away to accomplish tasks in a small amount of time. Everyone that works at Phoenix has a go-getter attitude and are extremely collaborative."

Phil, Lineman
Phoenix Team Member Since 2015.

"I have had the pleasure of working at Phoenix for almost 7 years. In those years, I have found myself working with a great company, doing something I enjoy and progressing my career both professionally & personally. The camaraderie among the entire team here is one of many things I feel separates Phoenix from other companies, making it an exceptional workplace to be a part of."

Liz, Inside Sales Manager
Phoenix team member since 2013.

"Phoenix is my second family, there’s no doubt about it. I care about each and everyone that’s a part of this team, we’re all a cog in the wheel of Phoenix. Everyone plays a key role in why our customers choose us, we always deliver when we’re needed. I’m very proud to work with the people that step up, over and over, to deliver a far superior product than our competitors."

Jay, Operations Manager
Phoenix Team Member Since 2011.

Join Us

Do you strive to obtain a deep and broad knowledge of the telecommunications industry? Want to build a career, not just have a job? If you aim for excellence and want to be a part of a supportive team, contact us today to learn more about our career opportunities.

We’re looking for dedicated and skilled professionals who want to be a part of a family committed to your career success and satisfaction. Phoenix Communications offers ongoing training and understands the importance of investing in people, not just systems. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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