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We hire for Character. We have great culture here. Not because of our benefits, because of our people. We are large enough to offer premium benefits, but also, small enough to invite our field workers to meetings with decisionmakers to address problems within the organization early, and then implement solutions with participation from our own employees instead of government officials or consultants.

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Phoenix Communications, your local fiber optic experts, and career choice for many, recent graduates, veterans, and other talented individuals of great character. You’ve never been more valuable than you are today. Join our unmatched team of professionals, and click the orange button, APPLY TODAY.

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Every day, we load our machines, tools, and materials before heading out to the job. All of this, in addition to helping with the task of the day is part of your job as a driver/operator. You could be making a quick trip to grab asphalt in the 1 Ton, or, driving one of the tri-axels with a 20 ton tag, road plates, and a mini. Every day is a little bit different. Unrestricted CDL-A is preferred. Apply today.


Groundmen are crucial in keeping the site safe. Eyes on the poles, eyes on the cable reels, eyes on traffic, communicating with Linemen, looking out, and signaling each other constantly. It’s rewarding to be a great groundman. This is why we hire for character. You care about everyone on the job. Is safety at the top of your list? Apply today.

Experienced Linemen

This position is not just about doing the work. This is a chance to show off your skill in developing talent from the ground up. Fiber Optic cables are run above and below secondary power on pole lines. Safety is number one. Apply today.


Laborers are crucial in keeping the site safe. Eyes on the trench, eyes on machinery, eyes on traffic, communicating with operators, looking out, and signaling each other constantly. It’s rewarding to be a great laborer. This is why we hire for character. You care about everyone on the job. Is safety at the top of your list? Apply today.

Fiber Optic Splice Technician

A splice tech will be able to certify a fiber optic link with a variety of tools and equipment. This person can troubleshoot, perform audits on the network, resolve outages/emergencies, and provide on the spot recommendations to customers from the job site. This is the most technically demanding job, challenging both your mind and your physical output on any given day. Apply today.

If you value the following, join our team:

We’ve been looking for
people like you.

At Phoenix Communications, we’re always searching for new, talented people to join our team who value the same things we do. Things like growth, collaboration, and excellence. Because let’s face it — choosing an employer isn’t just about getting a j-o-b. It’s a lifestyle choice.

We Offer:

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    Comprehensive and affordable medical and dental coverage

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    Some of the most competitive salaries in the industry

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    401K plans with free money, i.e., employer match

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    Life and disability insurance

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    Paid Time Off (PTO)

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    Boot Allowance

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    Clothing Allowance (applicable positions)

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    Career Advancement

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    Paid Training

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    Quarterly Employee Appreciation Events

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    Employee Referral Bonus Program

We Embrace Diversity & Honor Military Service Members

We embrace diversity both in our community and in our workplace. Phoenix Communications is firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunities to everyone.


"Everybody at Phoenix up and down the chain of command has your back. It is like one big family. The culture is about getting the job done. This is the best place I’ve ever worked."

Alex, Splice Tech
Phoenix Team member since 2018.

"People are willing to jump in and help right away to accomplish tasks in a small amount of time. Everyone that works at Phoenix has a go-getter attitude and are extremely collaborative."

Phil, Lineman
Phoenix Team Member Since 2015.

"I have had the pleasure of working at Phoenix for almost 7 years. In those years, I have found myself working with a great company, doing something I enjoy and progressing my career both professionally & personally. The camaraderie among the entire team here is one of many things I feel separates Phoenix from other companies, making it an exceptional workplace to be a part of."

Liz, Inside Sales Manager
Phoenix team member since 2013.

"Phoenix is my second family, there’s no doubt about it. I care about each and everyone that’s a part of this team, we’re all a cog in the wheel of Phoenix. Everyone plays a key role in why our customers choose us, we always deliver when we’re needed. I’m very proud to work with the people that step up, over and over, to deliver a far superior product than our competitors."

Jay, Operations Manager
Phoenix Team Member Since 2011.

What’s the Price of Success?

Work doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. If you’re looking for a career that gives you the chance to inspire greater human connections and communication, then you’ve set your sights on the right company.

Phoenix Communications is the leading employer of fiber optic specialists in the Central MA region. We’re looking for people who want to feel empowered to make an impact on the future of telecommunications infrastructure.

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