Phoenix Communications is committed to safety and comprehensive employee training. We value the health of our external community and our internal culture. A safe network is a reliable network.

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Our Commitment to Safety is Our
Responsibility to the Community

Safety and training are the cornerstones of our ability to deliver effective, efficient service and build reliable end-to-end fiber optic projects. Ensuring proper safety methods also gives your organization a competitive edge.We continually encourage our employees and provide them with comprehensive training and tools. Our workforce of more than 135 skilled employees and team members is one of the most credentialed and safety-oriented teams in the telecommunications industry.

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Safety Methods We Follow

Phoenix Communications follows federal, state, and OSHA standards to the letter. Sometimes, safety standards will differ. When in doubt, we always follow the more stringent guidelines.

Our commitment to rigorous safety standards is driven by our internal culture and desire to invest in the community with reliable, high-quality networks, and customer care. We comply and consult with the following regulatory bodies frequently:

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So many fiber optics companies pay lip service to safety. But what drives our success is putting our money where our people are. Our knowledgeable representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have about our safety standards and methods. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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